Micheal Clements, NAFB News Service


Impossible Foods is expanding its multifaceted technology platform, accelerating product development, and plans to double its research and development team’s size over the next 12 months. Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Impossible Foods makes meat and dairy imitation products from plants. The company says the expansion helps it reach its goal to reverse global warming. Impossible Foods takes aim at animal agriculture, calling it “the most destructive technology in human history.” The company claims producing the Impossible Burger uses about 87 percent less water, generates about 89 percent less greenhouse gases and requires around 96 percent less land than conventional ground beef. Impossible Foods is self-described as one of America’s fastest-growing brands and the leading driver of growth in the plant-based food category. Impossible Foods has more than 250 patents and patents pending. Its intellectual property includes methods to decode and reverse-engineer the molecular foundations and entire sensory experience of animal-derived meat, including how it tastes, cooks, sizzles and smells, and how to recreate the experience without animals.